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MyMind webinar: The impact of trauma and distress on our daily functioning

Updated: 26 October 2021

MyMind webinar: The impact of trauma and distress on our daily functioning

The latest in MyMind's series of webinars deals with the topics of trauma and distress. Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, usually a personal trauma. Most of us have some experience of trauma, but of course the key issue is how to deal with and manage it. 

One of the prevailing myths in our Western society is that if we just talk enough about our difficult experiences from the past, we will feel better. While making meaning of a painful experience is an important step in processing, there has been increasing evidence that just talking about your past does not necessarily help you move on from it. 

A big part of our stories remains written in our body, the non-verbal parts of our brain and our nervous system, causing anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships, anger, etc. even years after the events have taken place. Therapy can help us in noticing how our body’s learned habitual responses have helped us cope over the years, but also how we can learn new responses that are more adaptive and appropriate to the present context.

Join Lotte Lenaers, Psychologist and Psychotherapist at MyMind, as she offers some helpful insights into the whole area of trauma and how best we can learn new responses to dealing with our trauma.

To view a video recording of the webinar visit MyMind's YouTube channel here


Eva Garcia Psychotherapist Location: Dublin 8

Approach: Person-Centred Therapy , Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , Solution-Focused Brief Therapy , Creative Art Therapy , Mindfulness

Works with: Individual Session , Children & Adolescents

Specialities: Work Issues, Work/Life balance , Stress , Sexuality (LGBT) , Self-Esteem , Anxiety , Bereavement / Loss , Depression , Isolation / Loneliness , Personal Development , Trauma , Relationship issues

Next avaialble appointment: 14:00 01 December 2021

Brenda Pedrosa Psychologist Location: Online

Approach: Systemic & Family Therapy , Other , Mindfulness , Internal Family Systems

Works with: Individual Session , Couples Session , Children & Adolescents , Extended couples session

Specialities: Depression , Anxiety , Anger , Addiction , Relationship issues , Self-Esteem , Trauma

Next avaialble appointment: 11:00 29 November 2021

Ray Sydner Psychotherapist Location: Online

Approach: Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Works with: Individual Session , Couples Session

Specialities: Trauma , Relationship issues , Personal Development , , Depression , Bereavement / Loss , Addiction , Stress , Anxiety

Next avaialble appointment: 10:00 29 November 2021


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